Saturday, September 10, 2011

Elizabeth and Maeve

Elizabeth Cunningham, author of our September book, The Passion of Mary Magdalen, was "called" by her main character through the medium of magic markers. 

Yes, Cunningham possesses a delightful, fruitful, and fanciful imagination which she let wander one day after writing an earlier book.  She decided to pick up markers and start drawing.  What appeared on her sketchpad was a voluptuous naked woman whom she named Madge.

"Madge" had bright orange hair and an attitude.  It wasn't long before Cunningham decided Madge would make a great book character, perhaps a retired prostitute who moves to Maine to take up painting.  From there the idea morphed into a book about Mary  Magdalen, imagined as a flame-haired Celt named Maeve, prostitute, healer and true love of Jesus. 

Now that you are tantalized, read more about Elizabeth Cunningham, her series of Maeve books called "The Maeve Chronicles," and her interesting upbringing as an Episcopalian who became an interfaith minister and counselor. Check her Web site,, and, if you like, follow her on Twitter as EliznMaeve.

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